One More Time

She’s got a mind for imagination
don’t even try to reduce her from perfection
I wouldn’t mind to knock twice
If you answered the door
scar from a war, symbolic gestures
a folded paper hangin from the window
Like words in a jar
Silence always leaves me wondering
Where’d we go wrong
the painters swirl their colors
On the canvas I swear
I’d mix them all together
Paint a picture again
One More time

To be a man who walked days
just to be by your side
shattered the wine glass and the puddles
rivers are full of sky and waterfalls
in the back of my mind
We felt so divine inside those moments
A burning piece of paper, trying to read it
as the flames get too close
your fingers holding on
to the ash of a ghost
Your breath on my neck
for the kingdoms I left
I trade it all again
for the gem in your chest
One More time

All rivers are full of sky,
Waterfalls in the back of my mind
We felt so divine
I think it’s some kind of sign
That you and I are better
than some words in a jar
I wrote them on a piece of paper
and I crumpled it up
If I ever get a second chance
to say it I would
I’ll tell you right here right now
let’s do it again
One More time

Good Honey


Good honey is all ya ever need
keeps you home on the weekend
Good honey never tell your friends
Cause the honey don’t like being known
I said it before and I say it one more time
Girl you got a beautiful mind
Good honey is all ya ever need
It’s the thing that keeps me sweet for you
smell like cinnamon
satin honey golden skin
moonbeam eyes
And em beautiful thighs
Morning light when it shines
place a kiss upon your smile
honey tastes so sweet
Nectar in the wild
You Got it
And I love it
I know ya got it going on
You Got it
And I love it
Good honey is all ya ever need